Make a difference for your best friend.

Dr. Rob Pope is a practicing Veterinarian from Liverpool, England where he resides with his fiancée, Nadine, and his daughter, Baby Bee.

Dr. Pope has always had a passion for helping animals and improving our planet, so in 2016 he embarked on an enormous journey: running across the United States (and beyond) to raise both money and awareness for causes he really believes in, such as Peace Direct and the World Wildlife Fund. His journey has taken him across the Americas, covering over 15,700 miles and resulting in several achievements such as a Guinness World Record among many other accolades.

Dr. Pope recommends that your furry friends receive love, exercise, and high-quality nutrition so that they can live a happy, healthy life.


The Epic Journey

In 2016, Dr. Rob Pope embarked on an enormous journey, running across the United States (and beyond) to raise both money and awareness for causes he really believes in – Peace Direct and the World Wildlife Fund.  His journey took him across the nation while covering over 15,700 miles and resulting in several records (including a Guinness World Record) and many, many more significant milestones.

If this amazing feat sounds like a popular movie classic from almost 25 years ago, you guessed it right; Forrest Gump.  Dr. Pope was so moved and captivated by the movie Forrest Gump that he somehow convinced his girlfriend Nadine to use their life savings to buy a motorhome in America to follow him on his Journey to recreate Forrest Gump’s run across America.  This monumental accomplishment took Rob 455 days as he averaged around 36 miles a day making him the only person to truly recreate Forrest Gump’s movie run.


Dr. Pope faced many struggles throughout his run that would’ve forced most people to quit and simply not complete this incredible journey.  The mental and physical challenges he dealt with daily, such as a hip injury, getting sick, or dealing with unbearable weather made him question himself as to why he was continuing the run.  Dr. Pope’s motivation to keep pushing and not quit is because of advice he received from his late mother before she passed.  She told him to do one thing in life that makes a difference, so Dr. Pope would think about her profound words when he was struggling to continue his run because he knew that he not only couldn’t let her down, but he also knew that he had to make a major difference for animals and people throughout the world.

Dr. Pope’s epic journey was full of incredible landmarks, heartwarming animals, encouraging people, and even some extraordinary moments when he saved a dog and met the real-life Forrest Gump.

Most people are not aware that several scenes in the movie Forrest Gump are based off a true story and the running scene in particular was based off John Peele’s life.  And yes, he can run like the wind! 😊  John served in Vietnam where he flew Cobra Helicopters and was known for his bravery and extraordinary will to go above and beyond the call of duty.  John received over 100 accommodations including the Distinguished Flying Cross, Bronze Star for Valor, Army Commendation Medal for Valor, Air Medal for Valor, and the Vietnamese Cross of Gallantry among others and was recognized for changing a strategic tactical flight operation that saved countless lives.  As if that isn’t remarkable enough, John had a friend that challenged him to run across America after Vietnam which first started off as friendly banter between old military buddies, but after training for a few months John and  his friend Brian decided that they would start running to  accomplish something that no one had ever done.  As you will notice by the pics below, that’s when they “started running” across America…

John and Brian started their Journey in Daytona Beach, Florida and then tracked cross America averaging 48 miles a day while facing inclement conditions and running through the treads of over 22 pairs of shoes before reaching Santa Monica Pier on December 30th, 1977.  Besides being a friendly challenge between great friends, John and Brian’s run across America had a purpose behind it which was to inspire others to live a healthier life by changing to a plant-based diet because of their passion for animals and to motivate others to live a healthier life by experiencing the incredible health benefits from a plant based diet.  These two pioneers raised money for the Jerry Lewis Telethon, the Hippocrates Institute, and the Dr. Linus Pauling Institute and they continue to help various organizations to this day.

As if this story isn’t remarkable enough, Dr. Pope and John Peele have decided to team up for “one more run” across America to raise money for their favorite charities and to spread goodwill, encouragement, and hope; all to make our planet a much better place.

Their pursuit to improve our planet and help people and animals is something that should inspire others to pause and give a little extra thought before making daily decisions for the betterment of humanity and our furry little friends.