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The Importance of Proper Pet Nutrition:                

Our Pets all have certain nutritional requirements and we are proud to offer the Highest Quality, Biologically Appropriate selections for your particular Pet. Our Specialty however is Dog and Cat Nutrition. All dogs have DNA roots to the Gray Wolf and our Cats are derived from the Wild Cat. They are both Natural Hunters and Carnivores with Pointed Teeth for tearing Meat and Fish and Digestive Systems designed for Meat, Fish, Natural Botanicals, Fruits & Vegetables. The Meat and Fish in High Quality Foods replace the Carnivore's Natural Animal Prey and the Fruits, Vegetables and Botanicals replace what they forage in the Wild & the contents of their Prey's stomach. Carnivorous Animals have absolutely no need for Grain such as Corn, Gluten, Soy & Wheat and most certainly should not ingest undefined "Meat" By-Products which consist of just about any animal scraps available, in some cases deemed un-fit for human consumption. So we urge you to Read The Label!! If the first product in the Ingredients is not a clearly defined Meat (e.g. Chicken, Beef, Lamb etc..) or a clearly defined Fish, or if it's not a defined Meat or Fish Meal than we recommend moving on. Also, don't shy away from defined Meat or Fish "Meal" as it is simply Dehydrated Ground Meat which after processing, typically contains up to 300% more protein than the Meat or Fish itself. In High Quality foods you'll usually find that the first 5 ingredients will be easily identifiable products.  It is imperative that our Dogs and Cats get the majority of their Nutrition from their Biologically Appropriate Diet which is Quality Meat & Fish.
If you've been feeding your Pet low cost Commercial Foods which in most cases are Corn or Grain based with large amounts of Gluten and Carbohydrates and very little Meat or Fish, we are sure that if you switch to a High Quality Meat or Fish based Diet you will see a difference in your Pet within weeks. The Higher Quality food will soften their skin and improve their coat. It will also increase their vitality and strength and their overall health and wellness will greatly improve. The bigger change however will be internal which will be their overall positive Health as a result of balancing their stomach and intestinal PH so that proper digestion and nutrient absorption can occur. Once this is achieved, the result will be better blood chemistry and circulation and the clearing and increased function of the digestive tract. They will eat less because their Nutritional Needs will be met sooner and their stools will be smaller and firmer because they won't be passing the unnecessary, indigestible products found in Low Quality foods. 

We would love to be your supplier but even if you can't buy from us, we challenge you to give a High Quality Diet a try and watch your Pet transform right before your eyes. We guarantee that you and your Pet will not be disappointed!!  

        Click Here to see a 2 Part Informative Video from Dr. Karen Becker who shows you How To Choose a Good Dog Food.
        Dr. Becker also addresses Cat Food in her Video. Go to our Resources page for more Nutritional Information.


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